Plugins Used

The first plugin that I used was WP EasyCart. In it, I was able to create a working products page, list prices and sale prices, as well as size and color options for the items. I added a working Cart into the header menu, and it’s very similar to a real eCommerce website. I chose this one because it seemed like the most simple and reliable eCommerce plugin after WooCommerce. Although visually it was slightly unappealing, it did the job in allowing me to adjust and add almost any type of change that I wanted to add. It was pretty easy to use as well.

The second plugin that I used was Social Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Media). I used it to insert social media icons, in this case email and instagram, into the footer. There were options to put in animations, as well as choices between different icon images, allowing me flexibility on how I wanted the icons to look. I chose this one because in this day and age, businesses are not complete without a form of social media. I wanted to choose a plugin that allowed me as much flexibility as the theme and WP EasyCart plugin, and this one fit the criteria.

EDIT: After finishing up my site, I realized that the Social Media and Share Icons plugin was causing my site to crash, so I ended up deleting and deactivating it. I instead used Instagram Feed by 10Web (a different one than what we used in class), and placed it in the Contact Us page. The reason being, I wanted there to be a visual in the page rather than just the form, and Instagram is a quick and efficient way to relay information. It shows the Instagram feed very similar to how it would be shown on the Instagram app, and links directly to the post that is clicked on.