Additional Navigation Links

In my site, I included multiple navigation links in the pages. On the Home page, the slideshow/banner add directs the user to that direct item when clicked on. Additionally, the same ads are shown as static posts when the user scrolls down, and both the link in the description and the photo navigate to the item. In the opening description, a direct link is placed at the end of the paragraph which leads to the About page, in case the user would like to read further on our history, mission, and founder.

In the Join Our Team page, our business email link is included, for the purpose of contact. If the user wants to join the modeling team, they can click on the link and send an email without having to copy and paste the email into another browser or site.

In the About Us page, it talks about the founder of ötshop, its’ foundation, and its’ values. The paragraphs end with talking about Liberty in North Korea, and in order to inform the user without adding more text, I inserted a direct link to the Liberty in North Korea website, which gives way more information than I could summarize. Additionally, if the user is interested, they can explore more about Liberty in North Korea without having to search it up separately.